to Reign

Do not be comfortable or satisfied where you are, but recognize what God wants you to build for His name and Glory

Pastor Ivan

training to reign

In 1993 the call of God was birthed in Pastor Ivan Maistry together with his wife Ragini Maistry. Today with his wife and three sons, Pastor Ivan and Ragini has established City of Kings Ministry, which is located in Phoenix, Durban South Africa. 

His Transformation:

In his early travels, he discovered the deficiency the church carried and that was spiritual independence. Being an independent leader for long time, he found it unsuccessful to tap into the deeper aspects of what God was saying. 

Being confined as an independent leader, was starting to affect his ministry. He tried everything to revive it, but found out it was not working. His mentality as an independent leader started to change when he came in contact with the ABC [accurate building concept] a gathering which he now calls his Bethlehem.

He finally finds the spirit of a father in Dr. S.Y. Govender, who helped him revolutionize his thought pattern, and moved him, from an independent thinker, to a corporate thinker. Today his desire is to see independent leaders come to understand what building Zion is all about.      


Our Mission

Pastor Ivan’s message for leaders is, do not be comfortable or satisfied where you are, but recognize what God wants you to build for His name and Glory. 

Our Vision

To provide a place of worship for everyone to get to know Jesus and making Jesus known to the world...

What we Do

We train to reign

City of Kings provides  a platform to gather together.. 

Our Community

Come grow, meet new people,

Engage in Relevant Teaching & discover ...


Latest Events

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Sunday morning Services

Join us every Sunday in Church and via our live stream as Pastor Ivan unlocks the word of God to us all

tuesday PRayer Meeting

Join us at 7pm for a power packed prayer meeting where we strengthen and empower eachother through the breaking down and pulling pulling down of strongholds in our lives

Cell Group Meetings

Build up fellowship among eachother in your own homes every Thursday at 7pm

Youth Meeting

Equip yourself with the proper tools on overcoming every stumbling block in their lives through the teachings of the word of God

Bible Studies

Join us via Zoom online to enjoy our bible study group and discover what the Lord has in store for us all